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Each gemstone in the Scribe collection represents a letter, therefore the storied stones spell a meaningful message. This may be a simple word, a secret note, monogram or name. The intricate designs in Scribe are inspired by details in European ironwork, antique architecture, nature's beaty, and other symbolic motifs. Let the langauge of these gems and their special meanings speak to you and as you wear Scribe.

The Inspiration for Scribe

Designer Elizabeth Gibson has been working in the jewelry industry for over 18 years, designing, making and curating unique designs. She read about Acrostic jewelry and its romantic history of spelling with stones several years into her career, and she was spellbound. As as a romantic, she thought the concept of secret jewelry love notes needed a modern day jewelry revival. Shortly after learning about acrostic jewelry, Elizabeth traveled to Europe and was inspired by the architecture, ironwork and elaborate designs she saw throughout her visit. It was here that she discovered many of the icons and emblems used in the initial designs for Scribe.

Acrostic jewelry and its is history are meaningful and emotional. She hopes that the Scribe collection is evocative and as meaningful in its modern designs.

About Acrostic Jewelry

Acrostic jewelry has been used for centuries to represent words of sentiment and celebrate special occasions. This expressive style, thought to be created in the 18th century, emphasizes the interest in romance and art at the time. Each gemstone in acrostic jewelry represents a letter, allowing love notes to be passed secretly between lovers during the strict courting period of the time.

While this gemstone love language became popular during the Georgian era, it thrived through the Victorian period. In the beginning, acrostic notes adorned prominent symbols of love - hearts, locks, lockets, etc. - while they later became a more subtle way to send a secret message. Popular phrases like “J’ADORE” and “REGARD” sent feelings of devotion and adoration to the giver’s special someone. This tradition lives on in Scribe’s modern take of an old love story. Scribe jewelry features meaningful words spelled through gemstones, and birthstones to symbolize loved ones whose hearts we hold close.

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