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Scribe is a collection for families, friends, romantics and individualists. Each gemstone in the Scribe collection represents a letter, therefore the storied stones spell a meaningful message. This may be a simple word, a secret note, monogram or name.

inspired designs

The intricate designs in Scribe are inspired by details in European ironwork, antique architecture, nature’s beauty, and other symbolic motifs. Let the language of these gems and their special meanings speak to you and all of those who wear Scribe.

Designer Statement | Elizabeth Gibson, Designer

Working in the jewelry industry for the past 18 years I’ve had the privilege of discovering and examining countless jewelry concepts and designs made with precise artistry and craftsmanship. Unique designs with personality captivate me. I am drawn towards things ornamental, bright and colorful in most all mediums.

I can’t recall exactly what lead me to the story of acrostic jewelry, but when I read its history, I gasped with delight. What a joy to discover that hundreds of years ago romantics writ words of love and adorned each other with sentiments in gemstones in jewelry. At that moment I decided the concept of spelling stories with stones needed a modern revival.  Scribe is a jewelry love story for me as a designer, as well as those who wear it. It combines the emotion of a treasured gift with a secret message, meaningful birthstones, and the beauty of everlasting jewelry.

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