Love Drop Necklace With Sunburst Florets "Loved"

Love Drop Necklace With Sunburst Florets "Loved"

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Scribe Love Drops feature tiny gems held in adornment by our signature Lily icons. The Lily symbolizes humility, devotion, and virtue. The Scribe Lily emblem, combined with symbolic gemstones or birthstones, personifies how loved ones and these cherished relationships shepherd its wearer through life's changes, transformations, and rebirths. These designs are small but mighty reflections of your stone story.


These necklaces can be customized with different gemstones to spell out the message of your choice,  Click here to view all the different gemstones & birthstones.

L (labradorite)
O (opal, white)
V (violet amethyst)
E (emerald)
D (diamond)

- 14k yellow gold
- Approximately 15-16" in length

Contact us if you have any issues customizing your earrings or if you have general questions. Please note, custom pieces will take approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.